Traveling between homes, from Germany to United Arab Emirates

Travelling to new places allows us to take with us an unlimited baggage of colours, images and memories that influence the people we become.

In every new location, there is a fresh and exciting discovery of colour and culture which are always re-arranged to suit our personal tastes when we build our new home.

Germany offers a vibrancy of colour characteristic only to each of the four seasons.

In contrast, the United Arab Emirates offers a more subtle variety of colour, just as vibrant if one only takes the time to look for it.

This baggage of memories, colours, smells, taste and images will accompany us through our life finding new ones and making them our own.

My home Germany has left impregnated colours, moments of memory that I find every day in my new home in the UAE.

You can feel the history through the fortresses with their impressive presence. You can walk through the yellows of the autumn and loose yourself in the endless orange dunes.

You can live the happy of the colours in contrast with the intense greys of every day life.

You can see expressions of the past, traditions, and heritage and people’s feelings of happiness.

This is a collection of several key images characteristic to both Germany and the UAE.

I would like to take you in a journey from my home to my new home of colours of the present and the past.

Cibely, of German nationality, was born in 1960 in El Salvador. She studied photography at the American University in Washington DC while she finished her degree in Economics at the same university. She has been painting since 1996 while she and her family lived in Brazil. In 2005 they moved from Germany to the United Arab Emirates.